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Veggie Box MAX TIO FarmsVeggie Box MAX TIO FarmsVeggie Box MAX TIO Farms

Who is it for?
  • Athletes, Swimmers, Yoga Aficionados, Fitness Freaks, Gym Lovers, Pregnant Women, Satvik Foodies, Troublesome Kids, and for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their food!

    What will I get in herbs, lettuce & leafy green?

    • Herbs
      • Mystic¬†Mint,¬†Brisk¬†Basil,¬†Perfect¬†Parsley¬†or¬†best of our¬†seasonal harvest.
    • Lettuce
      • Rocking¬†Romaine, Lollo¬†Red Lettuce, Lollo¬†Green Lettuce¬†or best of our¬†seasonal lettuces.
    • Leafy Greens
      • Power¬†Spinach, Baby Spinach,¬†Hail¬†Kale, Swiss Chards,¬†Fenugreek¬†Methi, Pok Choi¬†or best of our¬†seasonal¬†leafy greens.
        Veggie Box MAX TIO Farms

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