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What is NutriBox?
  • Once every week you receive delivery of our fresh greens right in few hours of harvest.

Want a better version: NutriBox+

Who is it for?

  • Athletes, Swimmers, Yoga Aficionados, Fitness Freaks, Gym Lovers, Pregnant Women, Satvik Foodies, Troublesome Kids, and for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their food!

What is in NutriBox?

  • A healthy lifestyle, with a total of 300 - 400 grams of leafy greens and herbs from our early morning harvest - No Waste Guarantee!

Our Cultivation

  • Leafy Superfoods:- Power Spinach, Rocking Romaine, Hail Kale, Lollo Red Lettuce, Lollo Green Lettuce or best of our seasonal harvest.
  • Herbs:- Mystic Mint, Brisk Basil, Perfect Parsley or best of our seasonal harvest.
  • Veggies:- Cherry Tomato Exotic Red, Grape Tomato Exotic Yellow.

Can I Try?

  • Hell Yeah! We feel no one should be deprived of making an effort to improve their diet and hence we have a 'Single Delivery NutriBox', which is a single delivery of the same box. - choose the variant above.

Why didn't my order fulfill last time?

  • We have a small farm that can cater to a limited number of customer, hence we only take in NutriBox's order when we have a slot open.

Can I select my veggies & herbs?

  • No, NutriBox is designed to maintain a balanced diet with every box catering to a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • To create your personalized NutriBox visit our all products page and visit the individual item you want and in the dropdown, select subscribe.
  • Once you add all items, checkout with any preferred payment method.

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