Royal Raspberry

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TIO Farms Organic - Royal Raspberry

Raspberry is an oblong, it's composed of many small fruits called drupelets arranged in a circular fashion around a hollow, central cavity.

Deliciously sweet, Our sustainably imported raspberries are flavorful bundles of joy. Create a raspberry salsa or vinaigrette for your favorite summer salad to share with your family and friends. Raspberries are the perfect addition to a parfait or pie and a flavorful boost to any beverage. The best way to eat Driscolls raspberries? Right out of your hand.

Sprinkle with sugar and serve plain or with ice cream. Add to fruit cups and salads. Use in puddings, gelatin dishes, pies, tarts, jams and sherbets.

Sustainable Origin: Blackberries - Portugal

Net Quantity: 125 Grams