Organic Walnut Kernels

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TIO Farms Organic - Organic Walnut Kerels

The walnut is a type of tree nut that has a hard, tough shell. The inner meat looks sort of like a tiny brain and has a rich, sweet taste. The walnut is the most widely-consumed nut in the world and has been enjoyed for well over many years. 

Walnut is rich, sweet, and earthy. The papery skin adds a nice bitterness. They're eaten as-is after shelling or incorporated into delicious foods like bread, cakes, and even sauces for savory dishes. 


  • Crush a few roasted walnuts and include them in your paratha stuffing.
  • Walnuts can also be added, to protein shakes and smoothies
  • Coat them with some honey and chocolate and store them dry and airtight for everyday snacking!

What you get

  • 100% Organic Raw Walnuts
  • Munchable sized pack of 40g Walnuts

Recommended Storage

  • Keep them in an airtight container.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Sustainable Source

  • TIO Farms

Net Quantity

  • 40g

Customer Reviews

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Saladable Size Walnuts

Every week I get a delivery of these fresh nuts @ my doorstep.

No need to pile on and store walnuts anymore, they turn soggy & loose taste. Organic walnuts have a distinctive taste at the end, and TIO farms certainly shows consistent quality day by day.