Organic Flame Grapes

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TIO's Organic Flame Seedless Grapes are a blend between the Thompson, Cardinal, and a few other varieties of grapes. They are round and deep red, with a sweet-tart flavor and a pleasant crunch.

Nashik Flame Seedless Grapes have rocketed in popularity, and are now the second most popular table grape after the Thompson Seedless. Organic Flame Seedless Grapes provide a perfectly sweet afternoon snack with their crisp texture and mouthwatering, juicy interior.

Serve these grapes rinsed, fresh off the vine, or in any summer fruit salad or green salad, with your favorite entree, or frozen for a healthy alternative to other frozen treats. Take advantage during the summer and fall months and enjoy plump grapes at their prime.

Our 2 Kg packaging comes with an ethylene absorber and is good for 5 days in the refrigerator.

Sustainable Origin: TIO Farms, Nashik

Net Quantity: 2Kgs