Kale Banana Smoothie

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Kale, Banana and Apple Smoothie the perfect healthy breakfast or snack, and so easy to blend together! If you think you don't like green smoothies, this one will change your mind! It's so good!

This superfood smoothie is a detoxifying beverage that makes you glow from within. It brings a lot of vitamins and fibers to the body, filled with kale, cucumber, two bananas and apple or pear. It is sweeter and taster due to fruit punch. The drink can be spiced up with some mint.

Take the ingredients out, add it in a milk mixer (regular/almond/soy) and combine until smooth. To top it off, use some crushed mint and whisk.

Serves: 3-4

Contains: Kale, Bananas, Apple or Pears, Mint, Cucumbers and Organic Chia Seeds