Iceberg Lettuce Grande

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TIO Farms Organic - Iceberg Lettuce Grande

Iceberg lettuce is one of the most popular varieties of lettuce used in street food to fine dining cuisines the world over. This leafy green is a great source of fiber, iron, vitamin A and C, potassium, and calcium with very low calories.

Our pesticide-free iceberg lettuce head is spherical in shape resembling a large cabbage with 11 to 13-inch diameter. The crisp leaves on an iceberg lettuce head are tightly packed with high-water content. The lettuce leaves on the outside are green in color while leaves tend to be from pale yellow to white as you move closer to the center of the head. Iceberg lettuce is quite popular in cold wedge salads and lettuce wraps. 

What you get

  • 100% Hydroponically grown Iceberg Lettuce Grande!

Recommended Storage

  • Wrap the lettuce in a dry paper towel and place it in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container.
  • Store it is in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

Sustainable Origin

  • TIO Farms

Net Quantity

  • 250 Grams