Colorful Chards

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TIO Farms Organic - Colourful Chards

Colorful Chards are nutritious dark leafy greens with a range of brightly colored stems common in Mediterranean cuisine. Particularly popular in Italian food, it's often featured in pasta dishes, in risotto, and even on pizza. 

Chard's flavor is comparable to spinach, cooking tends to diminish the bitterness so that its earthy, sweet, almost been like flavor is more pronounced.

Locally Grown with ZERO Pesticides, Untouched by hands, Contains Zero Waste!


  • Can be perfectly paired with Parsley & Lemon zest to add zing!

What you get

  • 100% Hydroponically grown Colorful Chards.

Recommended Storage

  • Refrigerate any leftovers.

Sustainable Source

  • TIO Farms

Packaging Options

  • Live Plant - Whole head - with roots &/or stock.
  • Pre-Sorted HygeineBox - only edible leaves, no stock or roots, zero wastage - equivalent to 1.5X live plants.

Net Quantity:

  • 100 Grams Live Plant (With Stocks)
  • 100 Grams Pre-Sorted (Only edible leaves)

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