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Best summer delight from TIO Farms

Good service & best support.

Bell peppers

These are one of the finest bell peppers i have come across . I used them in a varierty of dishes . Its a really good buy .

They are a cherry on top

Im not a fan of tomatoes but i can gobble these cherry tomatoes any time of the day. They have the perfect tinge of sweet and sour . Wished i had cone across them earlier

My experience with tio farm

I've ordered a variety of greens and micro greens from here and the products have always been top notch. The delivery is on time , the products have always been fresh and ready to eat or cook. I have been really impressed with the packaging of the products who ever has designed the box and the covering is a genius


Never disappoints, zero wastage, very good quality and so clean!

Love how you guys package and recollect the boxes for recycling!


Do not hesitate to buy guys!! This is one of the best quality organic Veggies. I have found. The lettuce stays surprisingly fresh than the ones I used to buy. I have stored them for around two weeks atleast without any spoilage. Even just the variety available is great. I loved that they provided description of taste of every kind of greens as well, helps a picky buyer like me. Great packaging, fast delivery and amazing quality at a great price. I have been eating and loving salads a lot after discovering this site. Keep up the amazing work people!!

Not too Spinachy! - Just the way I like it.

The quality of the spinach is not comparable to anything out there... your spinach has the right amount of flavour - not too spinachy neither less spinachy.

Only the best for my kitchen!

Firstly, Thank you for growing this herb! was waiting for a long time!

Have been a fan of your veggies and my whole family can't stop complimenting the quality!

God bless you! Keep up the good work!

TIO farms spoils you..

I feel so spoiled having these tomatoes! I absolutely LOVE them!
PS - one box is never enough.

Awaiting customized microgreens!

The Indian Organics is quick and convenient. I even buy all my favorite greens and microgreens from their store and tastes great!

Awaiting customized microgreens!

I have been looking for this all over!

Finally someone who understands the nutritional needs of a human being.

This individual box satisfied my all nutritional needs in a second! Was tired of ordering from multiple vendors and having unverified products.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

TIO NutriBox+
A new box every week!

The fact that the NutriBox+ keeps changing with the best produce is a delight every week.

Have started to inculcate more salads and have a better nutritional balance in my daily intake.

Would recommend this to anyone who is new to salads.

Best Bell Peppers EVER!!

I find your bell peppers to be absolutely outstanding. Incomparable to anything in the market.