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Hails from the Heart of Devgad
Even to call our mangoes "Devagd Alphonso" we have made sure to get the required GI Authorised User Certification from the farmers. So that YOU, our guest know that our fruit actually hails from Devgad.


These Mangoes are allowed to naturally ripened on trees and absorb the summer sun to give them their impeccable taste and sweetness.

Every Fruit has an impeccable aroma and juicy sweet taste.

  • Each Mango is approx 280 gms. - considered as Grade AA.
  • Naturally Ripened Fruit
  • No Chemical No Carbide No Powder
  • Strict TIO 7 Point Quality Control & Check
  • Origin from Devgad
  • We are Authorized Users to supply Original Alphonso Mangoes from Devgad with GI Certification.
  • UV Sanitized & packed in HygeineBox

These are some of the many reasons why you should choose to buy from us.

So no more waiting. Order Now!

Sustainable Origin: Farmlink Agro, Devgad

Net Quantity: 1 dozen per 1 quantity.

Want to buy more than 5 dozen of our organic juiciness - contact us here

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TIO GI Devgad Organic Mangoes

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