TIO Farms - India's Food Rebellion!

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TIO Farms - India's Food Rebellion!

India has sufficient food; does it have too many farmers? Land stress is a result of policy that most people are condemned to marginal agriculture. For farmers and those working on land India requires a distinct set of answers.

38% of Indian Farmers, or more than 38 million farmers, are not going to have access to irrigation and arable land by 2030 [Source] and India's rising demand for nutritious diets to provide the people is the largest issue faced by Indian agriculture. India now eats a high-calorie, low-nutrient diet. Indians consume more fruit and vegetables per person, but just half the healthy diet experts prescribe. Not to mention, up to 45% of this production's nutritious value erodes between harvest and landing.

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The Indian Organics Farm

TIO Farms is developing up a series of vertical farms and growing pesticide-free products that use 95% less water and require less than 1% of land for traditional farms (our farms are apprx. 3,000 Sq Ft). The objective of our supply chain is to decentralise R&D by being inside and near consumer centres (cities). By cutting down thousands of kilometres of food, it is now not days or weeks in the hands of customers, but 12 hours after harvest. We harvest early in transit at the highest of flavour and quality against harvest.

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TIO Farms combines energy, process control, and various technologies with modern plant science to achieve unbelieved results with the maximum flavour, greater service life and ultra-clean foods to optimize processes around the farm. As a result, high quality, hygienic and cheap products are emerging. TIO Farms also provides households with fresh and sustainable products by way of a concept of subscription - which many consumers have appreciated.

Early Stage Hydroponics

The 1000 sqfts new age farm in Nashik, Maharashtra was initiated by TIO Farms, a farmer driven by start-up. Designed for the greatest flavour while generating very effective and clean produce, TIO ensures that plants taste precisely the way they desire, this 1000 sqft farm can produce the same yield as a typical 1 acre outdoor farm that goes from seed to harvest for its green leafy plants in just 30 days.

A comprehensive range of plant science and food technology has been established by TIO Farms — a sustainable, high-tech, high-efficiency, automated vertical, hallmark farm that can make delicious, bulk healthy produce for cheaper than ever before.

Not an individual effort.

In order to optimize the applications of energy, process control, technology and modern plant science, we bring together the unitized expertise of 3 generation of farmers across 18 families of marginal-size to cultivate with maximum taste, higher shelf lives and ultra-clean food at fantastic yields. By integrating the most recent plant science and technology, TIO Farms are optimally tailored for producing reduced cost yields of tasty, nutrient-rich food.

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