Nutrition Week 2020: Easy 5 nutritious meals to add nutrition to your diet

Nutrition Week 2020: Easy 5 nutritious meals to add nutrition to your diet

India: From September 1 to September 7, "NutritionWeek" is celebrated to spread awareness about Diet and its value for the human body, after it was initiated by the Food and Nutrition Board in 1982. Let's learn how to splice our daily meals with a good dietary plan to boost our immune system.

Breakfast : Start your morning with a hot oatmeal bowl and add a few dry nuts and fresh fruits. This high fiber meal will provide a healthy start to your day. If you're looking for tea and coffee in the morning, take a small cup of brown sugar tea or coffee made from soy milk.

Mid-Morning Meal: This lunch should be safe and balanced since this is the best moment when the body gets enough energy to break down the cellulose and boost it from inside. Even this meal gives the body ample time to digest heavy fats. You can have some smoothies or juices with bread, boiled eggs, fish, grilled vegetables.

Lunch: Another essential meal of the day because it is highly nutritious and contains all vegetables and flour in the meal. Though people miss this meal to keep constant weight, it is surely a dumb decision to do so. Skipping a meal is the riskiest move for the welfare of anyone. At this time one should take a good meal filled with Totila, fruits, rice, and pulses.

Evening Tea / Snacks: In general, in the evening hours, people feel hungry so they generally take a tea break. Yet tea intake isn't beneficial to the human body. So you may substitute soups, juices, or fruits for your evening tea. Fried snacks can be replaced with baked and boiled vegetables and cereals.

Dinner: The lightest meal of the day can be this. People should not take any hard meal after 8 pm, because it will not be digested and will damage the body in the meantime. Take in this meal boiled vegetables, and salads.

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