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Family Owned Since 1960

Authentic Organic

handpicked produce

non-gmo & 100% desi

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Soil-less Agriculture

The Indian Organics (TIO)Farms is a worldwide pioneer in the field of urban agriculture and a leading regional producer of hyper-local, premium-quality, residue-free produce.


☘️ Hydroponically Grown

🚯 Pesticide Free

🗑️ Zero Waste

Being vocal on the right local

Sustainable and resilient communities cannot be built on a fiscal and regulatory structure that is highly centralised.

A hyperlocal decentralized farm with short supply chains like The Indian Organics (TIO) farm is a solution for a city of the future.

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HygieneBox TIO farm

Hygienic Guaranteed

Food safety is bound up inextricably with good health.

Introducing UV Sterilized HygieneBox™, manufactured from recycled food grade materials and taken back from consumers post use to create new ones!

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Locally Grown

All of us grow up believing that we are never doing enough, that we 'should not' ever be satisfied and that we always should choose to do more.


🌱 Fresh

🏠 Local

☮️ Sustainable

Re-imagining farming from the ground up

It starts with a single seed.

Instead of focusing on seeds developed for drought or pest resistance, our agricultural scientists explore non-GMO varieties that deliver vibrant flavor in every single leaf.

Grown in the Great Outdoors!

TIO Farm turns a infertile land into a wonderful smart poly-house where crops are stacked vertically to maximize space. Every seed is protected from unreliable weather and defiantly free from pollutants or pests.

Tended to with precise care.

Our proprietary farm operating system, provides us with a granular view into the wellbeing of our plants while making nurturing updates in real time.


..since Nov '19, I am on a strict vegetable only diet, and coming from me - TIO has some of the best produce in the market, their quality is impeccable - Never have to sort or even wash! 

R. Chopade, Nashik | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Produce is outstanding.
Other than picking ourselves, have not seen better.
Thanks for everything.

Vinisha, Pune | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Their Power Spinach, Lettuce, Microgreens & Broccoli is out of the world! I have never had this quality stuff, not even in Europe!

Nishant A.